Kyrgyzstan-China Border Irkeshtam Pass Crossing

Irkeshtam Pass (200 kilometers south of Torgat Pass) was one of the main passes used by Silk Road caravan traveling between China and Central Asia linking up Kashgar with the Fergana Valley. It is strictly off limits to foreign travelers.

2024-01-27 16:45:33

We often help arrange border crossings over the Torgat pass. We partner with another agency in 

Kyrgyzstan to make sure your crossing goes smoothly, whether you are entering China from 

Kyrgyzstan or leaving China to enter Kyrgyzstan.




 This border is closed on Saturdays, Sundays , Chinese holidays and Kyrgyz Holidays

 1.Between Erkashtam Pass and Kashgar city

 You have to make arrangemtns in Kyrgystan side by yourself , we pick up you from 

 Erkashtam pass and transfer to Kashgar city or pick up you from Kashgar city and 

 transfer to Erkashtam Pass.

 2.Between Kashgar city and Osh Kyrgystan

 Our friend in Kyrgystan pick up you from Osh and transfer to Erkashtam Pass and we 

 pick up you from Erkashtam Pass to Kashgar city. or the other way take you to Osh 

 from Kshgar through Erkashtam Pass.

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 to:, we will give best optional ideas and helpful