11Days Explore KKH Cultural Tour

"The Karakorum Highway (KKH) links Islamabad, Pakistan with Kashgar over the Khunjerab Pass. Our trips take you from Kashgar to Northern areas of Pakistan.
On the road, you can enjoy the best views of Pamirs as passing through Tashkorgan, Hunza Valley a

2024-01-27 16:35:31

Explore Kashgar to Islamabad

This totally unique itinerary takes you on a wonderful journey along the southern branch of the Old Silk Road. Starting from Kashgar, where you will witness the famous Sunday Bazaar, you will continue through the stunning mountains of northern Pakistan to the tranquil foothills of the Himalayas. On a journey that traders, warriors, poets and pilgrims have been taking for millennia, you will drive the famous Karakoram Highway – the eighth wonder of the world – through Hunza Valley and the beautiful Fairy Meadows. The trip will be end in Islamabad.


 Day 1:  Arrive Kashgar.


Day 2:  Kashgar


Day 3:  Kashgar


Day 4:  Kashgar – Tashkorgan


Day 5:  Tashkorgan – Karimabat


Day 6:  Karimabat - Hunza areas sightseeing


Day 7:  Hunza – Fairy Meadows


Day 8:  Fairy Meadows


Day 9:  Fairy Meadows – Besham


Day 10: Besham – Islamabad


Day 11: Islamabad - fly Home


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