16 Days Best of China Tour through the Silk Road

Traveling along the Silk Route, you will have a chance to appreciate the Heavenly Lake in Urumqi, the Sunday Bazaar in Kashgar, as well as other fantastic sites such as Mogao Caves, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors and Horses and so on.

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China Best Silk Road Tour

Beijing-Urumqi-Kashgar-Turpan-Dunhuang-Xian-Shanghai: 16 days


In this 16-day tour, you will explore the routes of the camel trains, discover the historic land and ruins and the classical architectures. Whatever you see in this journey, will be memorable.


 Day 1: Arrive Beijing 

Upon arrival, our local guide will take you to the downtown hotel, the rest of the day is free for you to explore the city.


 Day 2: Beijing

Today you will visit the Tiananmen Square which is considered as the largest square of the world. Subsequently, you visit the Forbidden City, the most complete imperial palace in China and later you will also pay a visit to the Temple of Heaven. It  was built in the year 1420 and symbolized the meaning that the Emperor can contact with the sky through it. For the evening, you will enjoy a Peking Duck in a famous restaurant.


 Day 3: Beijing

After the breakfast, you will visit the Badaling Great Wall, where you can experience at first hand the wonder of the Great Wall. For lunch you'll sample some delicious fare in a local restaurant. Afterwards, take a short drive to visit the spirit way and Ming Tombs. the Spirit Way

is an impressive marble archway as well as the entrance to the Ming Tombs equipped with many animals and people statues on the left and on the right of the avenue. The Ming Tombs are the representative royal tombs of the Ming Dynasty tombs. 13 emperors of the Ming dynasty from 1368 to 1644 were buried there.


 Day 4: Beijing

Today you will start the day with a trip to the Summer Palace which has a history of over 800 years. All the man-made hills, halls, pavilions and temples, including Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill, blend together harmoniously in spite of their individual. After lunch, you will also have a visit to the Lama Temple. It is a typical Tibetan Monastery in and reveals various architectural styles from Han,Mongolia, Manchuria and Tibet.the impressive 60-foot Maitreya Buddha,carved form a single sandalwood tree.


 Day 5:  Beijing –Urumqi 

We will catch a morning flight to Urumqi. On arrival, we transfer to directly visit the Regional Meuseum and the Night Market. We stay overnight in Urumqi .


 Day 6: Urumqi - Heavenly Lake - Kashgar

We will start early in the morning and drive about 3 hours to visit the Heavenly Lake (Tian Chi). It is surrounded by the snow mountains, glaciers,  forests and grassland alpine lakes, featuring a vertical natural landscape belt. It is a beautiful place to take a stroll around. Then you will also visit Southern Pastures. One of the most spectacular spots here is the West White Poplar Gully. Traveling through this narrow verdant gully is a unique experience for sightseers who love snowcapped peaks, waterfalls, dragon-spruce trees and wild flowers. After sightseeing, we return to Urumqi and fly directly to Kashgar.


 Day 7: Kashgar

Visit Sunday Bazaar,  Id Kah Mosque and the Tomb of Yusup Hazi Hajup. As the traveler Marco Polo wrote about Kashgar “It is an Eastern Cairo, where there are mountains of goods, and people swarm like bees”. The Sunday Bazaar is believed to be the largest outdoor market in the world. The Id Kah Mosque is the largest in China. Overnight at a hotel.


 Day 8: Kashgar - Turpan

Morning is for leisure, then transfer to the train station to start the train trip to Turfan. Over night in the train.


 Day 9: Turpan

 Arrive to Turpan, which lies 154 meters (505 ft) below the sea level. Turpan Basin not only sits in the second largest depression in the world, but it is one of the hottest places China. Despite its desert location, Turpan boasts fertile land producing cotton and grapes, thanks to the Karez, an ancient irrigation system. We will visit the ancient city of Gaochang, Karez irrigations canal, Emin Pagoda. Stay over night in Turpan.


 Day 10: Turpan - Dunhuang

We will visit the Bezelik Caves, a set of Buddhist cave temples that was an important Buddhist center in the 6th to 13th centuries which today house rare examples of Buddhist mural art. We will also tour the ancient city of Gaochang and its necropolis, Astana. After the dinner, we catch the train to Dunhuang.


 Day 11: Dunhuang 

 Train will be Dunhuang in the morning, we will meet the local guide and drive to the hotel. We have breakfast in the hotel. Sightseeing includes  Mogao Grottoes, Crecent Moon Lake, Sand Dunes and the local night market .


 Day 12: Dunhuang  - Xi’An

Morning flight to Xi’An, we will transfer to the Xi’An city. Visit the Big Goose Pagoda, Provincial Museum which houses a large collection of historic and cultural artifacts unearthed Shanxi province. Later you mount the city wall. It was restored during Ming dynasty. From here you can enjoy nice views of Xi’An. Visit the Bell Tower surrounded by famous Hui streets. Cannot miss on tasting famous Hui Muslim local snacks. In the evening we will enjoy the famous dumpling party with Tang Opera. Stay overnight in Xi’An. 


 Day 13: Xi’An  - Shanghai

The morning is spent visiting the Terracotta Army. After the visit, we transfer to airport. The flight will take us to Shanghai. The evening you can explore Shanghai at your leisure.


 Day14: Shanghai

Today the tour of Shanghai starts with the visit to Shanghai Museum, which is a valuable treasure house of ancinet Chinese art and houses 120,000 precious relics. Afterwards you will be also have visit to Oriental Pearl TV tower. The Tv tower has become Shanghai’s new land mark and big magnet for tourists with its unique design composed of balls and colums. In the late afternoon you will visit the picture square bund. Extending for 1.5 km the shore of Huangpu River, the bund symbolizes China’s prosperous future and Shanghai’s international past. While stroll along the Nanjing road, which is considered as one of the World’s Seven Great roads in the 1930s, this street is a must-see of China Tour .


 Day 15: Shanghai

The morning starts with a visit to the Yu Yuan Garden. A former private garden, called work of art, is designed with different styles of traditional Chinese horticulture art. After lunch, we visit the Jade BuddhaTemple, which is renowned for 2m tall Buddha carved from a single piece of white jade, brought to China by a Burmese monk in 1822. Then you will stroll along Shanghai Xin Tian Di, which has become an urban tourist attraction, holding the historical and cultural legacies of the city. 


 Day 16: Shanghai -  Home

All good things must come to an end, therefore time has come to say good-bye and return home!


 End of Service