6-Days Muztagh-Ata Trekking

This trek is the first step of exploring the Pamir Plateau. You can meet the locals, stay in their yurts or set up your own camp. Taste the nomadic life with us!

2024-01-27 16:10:58



Day 1: Kashgar - Karakul Lake - Kangxiwa (camping)


Day 2: Kangxiwa - Kuqikaqi (camping)


Day 3: Kuqikaqi - Jangbulake (camping)


Day 4: Jangbulak - Muztagh Ata Base Camp (camping)


Day 5: Ascend camp one or to the glacier around


Day 6: Base Camp – Subash - Kashgar


Another option to enter Kashgar from Torugart or Irkistam Pass, to drive to Kashgar.

Exiting option is also to drive to Irkishtam Pass for exit, after coming back to Kashgar from the trek,

or drive to Tashkorgan, then crossing Khunjirap Pass for exiting.

  Included services as per programme



1. Trekking permit


2. Visa support and all necessary official documents


3. Chinese liaison officer - interpreter


4. Transfers from Kashgar to Kashgar


5. Transportation Kashgar - Subash - Kashgar


6. Trekking equipment: a big mess tent, tables, stools, a mess kit, gas stoves and a cooking set......


7. Daily fresh meal during trek (lunch will be in the box) 


8. Food while on the road 


9. Meals in Kashgar


10. Pack - camels for the luggage transportation as requested.


11. Ecological fee


12. Double hotel rooms for 3 nights


13. Trekking tent with mattress 



 Suitable season: May - Sept.